The Best Current True Crime Series

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Among every genre of TV shows, there is just something about true crime series that make for the perfect binge watch. Whether you have heard of the case in question before, you will find yourself encapsulated by these shows that string you along from one episode to the next, each one ending in a cliffhanger. You watch, hoping to solve the mystery before the narrator gets there. The time just flies by as you watch some of the best current true crime shows. Can you figure out who the true culprit is?

True crime series such a Snapped and Deadly Women are long-running true crime shows that focus on female killers and criminals. Some of the best true crime shows began as mini-series but then returned as ongoing shows airing new episodes and telling new true crime stories, while other shows like The First 48 and 20/20 are long-running true crime shows. You can find recent true crime docuseries on this list as well - such as The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness and Heist.

This list contains the best current true crime television series that have new episodes airing. Which ones have you binged?

Photo: Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes / Netflix
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