The Best Current TV Couples

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Couples from shows on TV or streaming that are either in season or expected to return.

This current television couples list includes romantic pairs who are currently together and totally the best. The best current TV couples of 2017 spark our imagination, make the work week shorter, and keep fans tuning in to see what they're up to next. 

The best couples on TV also give us something to believe in while watching someone else go through all of the ups and downs of a relationship. TV writers like to build tension, pulling two characters slowly. It’s maddening but when it pays off, it can be very gratifying. A series allows relationships to develop, and encounter obstacles. On TV, you can date your co-worker, break up their current relationship, and turn up like a bad penny at the worst possible time. Some couples, like Booth and Brennan on Bones, seem unsinkable, but then you never know what’s brewing in a writer’s room.  

Do you enjoy a slow burn between couples or a quick romance with lots of on again, off again? Are love triangles intriguing. Do you like to see current couples from TV last over seasons, or run their course and then move on? Maybe a little bit of both? What’s the secret ingredient to good chemistry between the best couples on television now? Bitter, sweet, overcoming demons, fighting against an outside threat?  

It’s difficult to predict how a TV couple will rate with viewers. Move too quickly and viewers may not invest in the fictional lovebirds. Making characters wait too long is an exercise in frustration. Casting, acting, direction, but mostly writing, can either elevate a couple with the fandom, or doom it from the beginning. TV relationships are as fragile as real ones, it seems.  

Who are you rooting for among TV’s best current couples? Ichabod and Abbie? Penny and Leonard? Jake and Olivia? Is it time for Carol and Daryl to shine? Or will Mindy and Danny take the crown? Upvote your favorites and see who reigns the love kingdom. Have any other current TV couples you want to add? Please do!

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