The Best Current Shows To Catch Up On



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In this golden age of television, where numerous streaming platforms are constantly ushering in new content, it can be quite challenging to pick which shows to follow. To help you out, we have curated a ranked list of the best current TV shows that you can still catch up on, as voted on by fans and critics alike. These shows not only offer captivating storylines but also boast exceptional performances and artistic merit, making them worth every moment of your binge-watching sessions.

A few standout examples from our comprehensive list include The Mandalorian, which has been taking the Star Wars universe to uncharted territories; The Boys, offering a dark and satirical twist on the superhero genre; and Jack Ryan, reviving Tom Clancy's iconic character with gripping action and political intrigue. These series, among others, have managed to keep viewers engaged episode after episode, providing immersive and thrilling experiences that cater to various tastes.

To make our list even more definitive, we encourage our readers to cast their vote on their favorite shows and help determine the ultimate ranking. As newer seasons are released and fresh stories unfold, the competition remains fierce. Participate in the voting process and let your voice be heard in deciding which of these exceptional current TV shows truly stands out from the rest.

Latest additions: The Bear, Only Murders In The Building, House of the Dragon