The Best Current TV Shows You Love to Hate

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You know those shows that you love, but you constantly have to rationalize to your friends and family members? Or the ones you watch with your pals, even though none of you are quite sure why? Well, you're not alone.

"Hate-watching" certain programs, claiming they're just a "guilty pleasure," or explaining that they're "so bad they're good" are all ways that the viewing public tries to justify their obsession with terrible TV. Whatever you call it, these are the best of those love-to-hate-them shows currently still on the air!

Maybe you're still sticking with a show that's had it's share of ups and downs (The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, Supernatural), or you've just been watching for so long you can't help your habit (Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds). Or maybe you just love the characters (Grey's Anatomy, American Horror Story). Not to mention the whole category of shows you watch to feel better about yourself as a person (Duck Dynasty, Dance Moms, etc.) Hey, it's okay! We all have our reasons.

These are the best current TV shows you love to hate. You may not like them, but your television habits are keeping them on air! Vote up your favorite below!


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