The Best UFC Fighters In The Octagon Today

Who are the best UFC fighters right now? The best UFC fighters all have dreams of being considered the best overall MMA fighter in the world. It is hard to compare fighters of different weight classes and divisions, but some talents just stand out above the rest. With so many fight styles in today's UFC like kickboxing, wrestling, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and even karate. The toughest UFC fighters can fight standing up or grapple, until they find themselves with the opportunity for a ground-and-pound. Who is the best UFC fighter right now? Which UFC fighters do you love? 

All of the top current UFC fighters active right now with an impressive record and maybe a belt or two in the bag are featured below. The most popular UFC fighters today include famous fighters like Kamaru Usman, Israel Adesanya, Dustin Poirrier and Conor McGregor, who all stand up well against the rising stars of the MMA world.

Vote up the best current UFC fighters, and help decide just which of these famous fighters currently rules the octagon.

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