The Best Current Female Wrestlers in the WWE

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Vote up the best, toughest, and roughest female WWE wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown (excluding those in NXT).

The best female WWE wrestlers are some of the toughest, strongest, and baddest ladies around right now. In fact, they might just bring as much attention to the world of wrestling as the big men do. While they may no longer be referred to as the WWE's "divas", these famous female wrestlers are are both striking and scary—and they certainly bring it in the ring. 

Of course, women wrestlers are nothing new. They've been stomping around the ring and bringing excitement since the early days of WWF and there's been no slowing down. In short, the evolution of female wrestlers has been interesting, and today's top female WWE wrestlers are some of the best of all time. From female wrestling champion Alexa Bliss to former MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, you wouldn't want to mess with these badass chicks.

Of all the current female WWE wrestlers, who do you think is the best? Check out the list of women wrestlers below and vote up your top choices.

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