The Best Cyberpunk Manga of All Time

Manga has always had cutting edge representatives of science fiction, and what sub genre is better suited to manga than cyberpunk? For this list we're ranking the best cyberpunk manga of all time, and we want you to help us rank these titles by voting for them. If you’re the type that likes to think deep thoughts about how technology affects the human condition, there are titles for you like Serial Experiments Lain and Ghost in the Shell. But there are also plenty of fans of all-out action stories represented by good cyberpunk manga like  Bubblegum Crisis and much more. No matter what type of cyberpunk manga you like, there is plenty here to choose from.

Vote for your favorites and help make sure the top manga with cyberpunk elements sits at the top of the list. You can also add any story that may have been left out, but please make sure it's actually part of the cyberpunk genre before adding it.

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