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The Best Cyberpunk Video Games You Need To Play Right Now

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There's nothing quite like a good cyberpunk story. Between the corporate dystopian futures and the neon cities that always seem to be rained out, uncovering a resistance movement that seeks to overthrow those in power is enthralling. Ever since one of the best dystopian moviesBlade Runner, pretty much invented the cyberpunk genre, many stories have been following in its cybernetic footsteps. Video games are no exception - the industry has taken advantage of the storytelling and gameplay possibilities since the genre's inception.

Collected below are the best cyberpunk titles of all time. If you think there's a classic on this list that's been under-appreciated, give it a vote up so others can experience the grimy future that inspired you. Or, if you're looking for a good cyberpunk game recommendation, you've come to the right place.