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The Best Cyborg Characters

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Let's face it: we've all wished we were cyborgs at one time or another. Whether we've wanted to augment our normal human limitations with technology to simply lift a heavy couch during moving day or go full Terminator and feel absolutely no pain, the benefits of being a cyborg are nearly endless. But despite countless advancements in cybernetic enhancements, the cyborgs of our dreams are still pretty much limited to the realms of movies and TV shows.

Whether they're featured in hard sci-fi or wacky comedies, we've all been jealous of that one cyborg character that can seemingly do anything. And though there are a fair bit of miserable, brooding cyborgs - we're looking at you, RoboCop - Hollywood usually makes being a cyborg look like a lot of fun. The best cyborg movies and shows feature robot-like characters that are imaginative, strong, and just realistic enough to make us think that maybe one day we can live out our own cyborg dreams.

Do you have a favorite cyborg character? Would you rather have Tony Stark come to your defense in your hour of greatest need, or Inspector Gadget? Take a look at our list of cyborgs and vote up the best characters as they punch, kick, and arm-cannon their way to victory!