The Greatest Daily Show Correspondents Of All Time

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You love to watch The Daily Show, we know you do. Whether it's your main source of news (pro tip: also watch the real news!) or Jon Stewart is just the only person keeping you sane in the age of the 24-hour news cycle, all true Comedy Central Daily Show fans know that Stewart isn't on his own. The best Daily Show correspondents of all time, ranked on this list, serve up just as many jokes, funny interviews, and political satire as Stewart himself. So which correspondents and members of the Daily Show cast are the best in the show's history?

Comedy Central's The Daily Show, hosted by Jon Stewart, has a long history (going back to 1996) of featuring some of the best comedians, journalists, and comedian-journalists as their correspondents and contributors. Countless Daily Show correspondents (collectively and lovingly called The Best F#@king News Team Ever) have gone on to become A-list film actors, like Steve Carell, or hosts of their own satirical news programs, like John Oliver, Larry Wilmore, and Stephen Colbert.

Some of the best comediennes in history have also been correspondents for The Daily Show. From Susie Essman to Kristen Schall, the women of The Daily Show (like Olivia Munn and Caroline Rhea) had careers beyond their appearances on the Comedy Central series. This list also includes shout-outs to one-time contributors or correspondents like author Sarah Vowell and actor Sir Patrick Stewart. You will be surprised to learn who in Hollywood started or had experiences as Daily Show correspondents, whether it was the 1990s or 2010s.

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