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Who are the best Dallas Mavericks of all time? Until Mark Cuban bought the team in 2000, the Dallas Mavericks didn't have much playoff success outside of a few seasons in the mid-to-late 1980s. The foundation of those early Mavs teams featured some of the best players in its history like Rolando Blackman, Mark Aguirre, and Jay Vincent. Once Derek Harper was brought in as the team's point guard, it seemed like the recipe for future success was in place. However, the Mavs couldn't put it all together. Dallas had some of the brightest talent in the league, but couldn't surpass its powerful Western Conference rivals like the Lakers.

By the time Cuban bought the team, several of the franchise's best players were on the roster. Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, and MIchael Finley were already some of the NBA's brightest young players before Cuban arrived. During the early 2000s, these three players became the best in the league and are considered some of the greatest in basketball history. By the 2005-2006 season, the Mavericks were a Western Conference power and made its first NBA Finals appearance that season. Over the next few years, the Mavs stocked up on great players, like Jason Terry, in order to chase an elusive NBA title. Finally in 2011, behind Nowitzki, widely considered the best Maverick ever, the team won its first NBA championship, getting revenge on the Miami Heat, which had defeated them in 2006. More recently, Luka Doncic has taken over as the face of the franchise, leading the Mavericks to success alongside Kristaps Porzingis and Tim Hardaway Jr.

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  • Dirk Nowitzki
    Power forward
    2,262 votes
    • Birthplace: Würzburg, Germany

    Undoubtedly one of the most transformative figures in the history of the Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki's impact on the sport extends far beyond his on-court performances. As a trailblazing seven-footer with impeccable shooting touch, Nowitzki paved the way for a new generation of versatile big men in the NBA. His unwavering loyalty to the Mavericks and relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in leading the franchise to its first and only championship in 2011, solidifying his legendary status.

  • Luka Dončić
    Small forward
    1,043 votes
    • Birthplace: Ljubljana, Slovenia

    A prodigious talent whose court vision and basketball IQ belie his young age, Luka Dončić has quickly emerged as the face of the new-look Dallas Mavericks. His ability to control the pace of the game, create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, and perform in clutch situations has drawn comparisons to some of the all-time greats. As the potential heir apparent to Dirk Nowitzki, the Slovenian sensation continues to dazzle fans and strike fear into opponents with his ever-expanding skillset.

  • Jason Kidd
    Point guard
    1,522 votes
    • Birthplace: San Francisco, California

    With his outstanding blend of size, athleticism, and basketball intelligence, Jason Kidd was a preeminent floor general for the Dallas Mavericks during two separate stints with the team. Arguably one of the best passers in NBA history, Kidd's ability to see plays develop before anyone else on the court often left opponents flummoxed and teammates wide-open for easy scores. His tenacious defense, instinctual rebounding, and knack for hitting timely shots contributed to the team's success, including a vital role in capturing the 2011 NBA championship.

  • Steve Nash
    Point guard
    1,548 votes
    • Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa

    A dynamic playmaker and offensive catalyst, Steve Nash was an integral part of the high-octane Dallas Mavericks teams of the early 2000s. His lightning-quick speed, surgical precision as a passer, and deadly accuracy from beyond the arc made him a perennial All-Star and ushered in a new era of explosive, up-tempo basketball. Even though Nash eventually found his greatest individual success elsewhere, his years with the Mavericks laid the foundation for what became a Hall of Fame career.

  • Jason Terry
    Point guard, Shooting guard
    1,225 votes
    • Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

    A fearless scorer and clutch performer, Jason Terry embodied the competitive spirit of the Dallas Mavericks during his time with the franchise. "The Jet" was renowned for his ability to ignite the team with his seemingly limitless range and infectious energy, often providing a much-needed spark off the bench. As a key contributor to the Mavericks' 2011 championship run, Terry's timely scoring and unwavering confidence left an indelible mark on the franchise's history.

  • Michael Finley
    Shooting guard, Small forward
    967 votes
    • Birthplace: Melrose Park, USA, Illinois

    A potent offensive force and consummate professional, Michael Finley served as the cornerstone of the Dallas Mavericks organization throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. With a silky-smooth jumper and a knack for creating his own shot, Finley provided consistent scoring and leadership during a pivotal period in the franchise's development. As a mentor to the young Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash, Finley's impact resonates through the annals of Mavericks history.