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The Best Dance Shoe Brands

Salsa, ballroom, swing, flamenco! What do they have in common? Well, yes, they're types of dances, but also, they all are made better by the perfect pair of dancing shoes. So before you hit the dance floor to show off your stellar moves, check out our list of the best dance shoes brands. 

With flexibility and just the right amount of grip (thanks to their non-slip suede soles), dance shoes allow your feet to glide across any dance floor unlike normal street shoes. When selecting a dance shoe, you'll want to remember that form is almost as important as style. Women's dance shoes come in various designs: open, closed, and sandals with heels that range in height from one to three inches. Men's shoes vary by heel (height and width), and how it fastens to the foot. You'll also want to pick your shoe according to the type of dancing you'll be doing: ballroom, Latin, or swing.

Top brands like Capezio, Very Fine, and Aris Allen look great as you're sweeping across the dance floor, but they also offer comfort, support, performance, and protection for your toes. Our list covers men's and women's dance shoes, so both partners have a chance to twist and turn in style.

Ditch those tennis shoes (they won't help you in your dreams of becoming Fred Astaire) and read through our list of the best dance shoes brands. Vote up the brands that allow you to Lindy-hop, salsa, and ballroom dance all night!