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The Best Dancehall Songs of 2019

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Updated: check out our list of the best new dancehall songs of 2020!

Whether you like reggae rhythms or an irresistible hook, the best dancehall songs of 2019 provide the perfect soundtrack to any party. Each year a new collection of dancehall songs emerges and time will tell which tune becomes the cut that defines 2019. Roots style, Jamaican sounds, and hip-hop flavors combine in the best dancehall songs of 2019.

Featuring everyone from Casanova to Jahmiel to Masicka, the best 2019 dancehall songs were created by the top names in the game. Even living legends including Sean Paul have contributed to the dancehall jams of 2019.

Which dancehall song is your favorite? Check out this 2019 dancehall playlist and vote the best tracks up to the top spot.