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The 20 Greatest Dandere Anime Characters of All Time

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If you're an anime fan, you've probably heard of the two most commonly discussed archetypes that occur in anime - yanderes and tsunderes. What you might not have known is that there are other, similarly named character types out there - like the dandere. A dandere is a person who is shy, anxious, or reserved on the outside, but can warm up when they get close to people. The suffix -dere means 'lovey dovey' while 'dan' means silent, or doesn't talk. Dandere anime characters may get close to others, but they're too nervous. Think Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto.

The majority of these characters are dandere anime girls, but this particular trope can also include male characters - Ren Mihashi from Big Windup! is a good example of a male dandere.

This list is a roundup of some of the best dandere characters from a variety of anime genres. If you see a favorite on the list, vote them up.

  • Hinata Hyuuga is so shy and unsure of herself that she can barely even bring herself to look at Naruto, the boy she has a crush on. Over the course of the series, she gradually gains courage and is able to not just talk to Naruto, but also hold her own as a powerful ninja.

  • Sawako Kuronuma looks a little bit too much like Sadako from The Ring, so people assume that she's a scary person. Really, she's just a shy and nervous girl who wants more than anything to make friends. 

  • Sailor Mercury, also known as Ami Mizuno, is a bookish, nerdy girl who gets nervous in social situations. However, she's also one of the most practical members of the Sailor Scouts and will overcome her reticence if it means saving the world. 

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    Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi

    Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi
    Photo: Shaft

    Kosaki Onodera is a shy and considerate girl who always deeply considers her words before she says them. This leads to her hesitating for a long time on confessing her feelings to Raku - she believes that she shouldn't trouble him with her feelings when she thinks he might be interested in Chitoge instead.