The Darkest Anthology Series

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Vote up the anthology series that keep the chills coming, through horror, drama, or speculative spookiness.

The beauty of anthology series is the constant flow of fresh stories and the best dark anthology series make sure audiences are treated to new thrills and chills on the regular. Whether the stories change from episode or season, or even by segment, dark anthology shows pull from genres like horror, speculative fiction, and supernatural stories to keep the creeps coming. Though there may be scarier or bloodier anthologies out there, these series often deliver as much soul-haunting darkness as they do frights.

Some of the most popular horror anthology shows serve up a new story each season, such as American Horror Story and The Terror. Others take a more classic tack with several spooky segments each episode, like Creepshow the original Twilight Zone. Anthology series such as Black Mirror, Into The Dark, and Room 104 all separate their stories by episode. The anthology approach may vary for each show, but each one of these shows offers many different dark tales.

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