These Superhero Shows Are (As Dark As) The Night

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Vote up the TV shows that have the darkest, grittiest take on super powered characters.

It's well established now that comic books and superheroes aren't just for kids, and there are decades worth of gritty superhero shows to prove it. Dark superhero stories don't just mean gore or swears, but often indicate heavy themes - something comic books had already been doing for some time. But don't worry, there are still plenty of titillating thrills to go along with existential introspection in the best gritty superhero shows. 

From one of the original dark superhero stories, Watchmen, to the latest flavor of grit in The Boys and Invincible, there's a grown-up superhero series for you. Want less bummers but more unsettling moments? Doom Patrol will build you a found family and destroy it along with your heart. Need an industrial amount of fleshy damage on your screen? Peacemaker delivers gladly.

Which superhero TV series does dark and gritty best? Give the darkest and grittiest takes on capes a vote up, and check out where your favorites fall.