Darkwing Duck's 50 Most Hilarious Introductory Lines 

Cynthia Griffith
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Darkwing Duck was one of the most underappreciated television shows in the history of animation. It was riddled with pop culture references and witty little one liners. It shared capes with comic book characters and sounded off on some of the most relevant pop culture topics of yesteryear. Who could forget the classic characters, the ones who were brave enough to be flawed in a cartoon network that all too often embraced stereotypes and impossible realities? There has only ever been one Darkwing. His daring will forever be remembered.

While there were several shining moments that made this cartoon great, none were quite so memorable as the intro lines from Darkwing Duck. The way the masked crusader introduced himself was always different, yet always the same. His famous, “I am the terror that flaps in the night,” followed by a beloved anecdote that only Darkwing himself could concoct will forever be remembered. Some of the lines he used were reflective of the times. Others were reflective of the episode itself (see the one about the flying saucer). All of them were classic Darkwing - wit, humor, sarcasm and a side of current events.  

Scrolling through these brainy one line Darkwing Duck introduction captions is guaranteed to be a nostalgic experience. Does anyone else remember back when there was a cash line and a check line? Can anyone else recall a time when people wore trousers and musicians had a hit parade? Here are some flashback Darkwing Duck theme phrases guaranteed to jog your memory. Which ones are your favorite?

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I Am The Batteries That Are Not Included.
I Am The Wrong Number That Wakes You At 3 A.M.
I Am The Low Rating That Cancels Your Program.
I Am The Stain That Can’t Be Rubbed Out.
I Am The Weirdo Who Sits Next To You On The Bus.
I Am The Fast Food That Comes Back To Haunt You.
I Am The Check Writer In The Cash Only Line.
I’m The Neurosis That Requires A $500 An Hour Shrink.
I Am The Ingrown Toenail On The Foot Of Crime.
I Am The Grade Curve That Gives You An F.
I Am The Repair Man Who Tells You Your Warranty Has Run Out.
I Am The Zit That Forms When You’ve Got A Really Big Date.
I Am The Bubble Gum That Clings To Your Shoe.
I Am The Rhinestones On The Jump Suit Of Justice.
I Am The Chill That Runs Up Your Spine.
I Am The Auditor Who Wants To Look At Your Books.
I’m The Surprise In Your Cereal Box.
I Am The Jailer Who Throws Away The Key. I Am… Feeling Really Stupid. Boy I Hate It When I’m Early.
I Am The Widget Missing From The Easy To Assemble Swing Set.
I Am The Combination Lock On The Vault Of Justice.
I Am The Pin That Will Burst Your Bubble.
I Am The Raspberry Seed You Can’t Floss Out.
I Am The $10 Service Charge On All Return Checks.
I Am The Single Career Man All Women Want To Date.
I Am The Cloud That Rains On Your Hit Parade.