The Best Dating Shows from the 2000s

In the 2000s, TV shows in general were interesting because the world of entertainment was changing drastically, and it translated onto our television screens in unique fashion. As reality TV became more popular and easier to produce, a whole new slate of shows took us behind the scenes of the love lives of normal people and celebrities alike.

Regardless of the decade, dating shows are always interesting when presented in some type of preposterous format. So the decade's new take on "reality" was destined to result in some of the best TV shows of the 2000s. Don’t get it twisted, while some of these TV shows were legitimately good, others were so bad that they managed to be good. No matter what, you watched them week in and week out, desperate to see what would become of the stars.

Without further ado, these are the glorious dating series from the previous decade. Vote up your favorite 2000s dating show to make sure it stays at the top.

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    Blind Date
    Video: YouTube
    The Roger Lodge-hosted series sent two strangers on a blind date, followed them with cameras, and added joke bubbles and funny subtitles along the way for the viewer's amusement. If you've ever seen two people having a first date in a coffee shop, you know how awkward and completely fascinating it can be.
    • Actors: Roger Lodge, Ava Cadell, Jerry G. Angelo |
    • Premiered: September 20, 1999
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    Video: YouTube
    Next featured a single person who went on blind dates with as many as five hopefuls, all of whom were waiting in a nearby RV. If (at any point) the date wasn't going well, the person could say "next" and send the contestant packing while another person from the RV came out to take their swing at finding romance.
    • Actors: Lorin Eric Salm, Michael McKinley, Jamieson Hill
    • Premiered: May 4, 2005
  • Parental Control
    Video: YouTube
    It was obviously fake, but weren't all of 'em? The concept here was to have parents who didn't like their kid's current significant other interview new prospects. Then, their kid would go on a date with whomever they selected, and decide whether they wanted to continue their current relationship, get with one of the other prospects, or be single.
    • Actors: Shawn Turner, Anant A.J. Jiemjitpolchai, Larisa Bates
    • Premiered: February 1, 2006
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    Room Raiders
    Video: YouTube
    Room Raiders was a show in which a romantic hopeful would inspect the room of three possible mates. The person raiding these three rooms was unable to see what the owner of each room looked like, and at the end of the episode, they'd choose to go on a date with one of them based on their room. The three people having their rooms searched sat together in a van, watching their belongings be rummaged through.
    • Actors: Tim-Ryan O'Kane, Tom Oberdick, Jesse Wolter
    • Premiered: October 13, 2003