17 Netflix Dating Shows You'll Love (And Hate)

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Love is a beautiful thing. It also makes for wildly entertaining reality television. There's plenty of dating TV series to watch on Netflix, perfect for binge-watching. In the past few years, Netflix has upped its game with original reality TV content. One of the most popular dating realtiy shows on Netflix is Love Is Blind, an innovative take on the concept of "blind dating". The first season was a smash hit, and a few of the couples even remained together years after the show was filmed. But if you'd prefer to stick to the classics, The Bachelor is also available for streaming on Netflix.

This list of dating reality shows streaming on Netflix contains a variety of content. There's the cringe-worthy REA(L)OVE, where each contestant harbours a dark secret that is revealed while they are dating one another. Then there's the refreshingly genuine Dating Around, which showcases a series of first dates that are full of deep conversations. 

Keep reading to learn more about these dating shows on Netflix. Some are bonkers, some are wacky, and a few are actually really sweet. Whether or not you believe in "love at first sight", these reality series will have you hooked from the start. 

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    Love Is Blind
    Photo: Love Is Blind / Netflix

    Love Is Blind is a dating show perfectly tailored for the 21st century, where it's common for people to flirt online without meeting face-to-face. Eligible singles "meet" eachother in individual rooms called "pods", where they can talk to and hear eachother without seeing them.

    Over the course of 10 days, they'll have to see if they can forge a love connection with someone without knowing what they look like. Surprisingly, this setup actually works. After the pods, five newly-engaged couples experience a romantic honeymoon, living together, and meeting each other's parents before the big day. There's unexpected revelations and dramatic fights. At the end of 38 days, who will say "I do"? 

    • Premiered: February 13, 2020
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    My Hotter Half

    My Hotter Half
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    This British dating reality show is straight up nuts. Partners go head to head with each other in a "Battle of Hotness" as they compete to take the hottest selfie for an online dating profile. Then, their respective profiles are evaluated by strangers on the Internet. In the end, there can only be one winner. That person will then be dubbed the "hotter half" of the relationship.

    Frivilous and shallow, My Hotter Half is a reality show that can be summed up in two words: guilty pleasure. 

    • Premiered: 2017
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    Singapore Social

    Singapore Social
    Photo: Singapore Social / Netflix

    Singapore Social documents the lives of young Singaporeans as they strike a delicate balance between their dating lives with their careers and families. They defy societal norms and branch out beyond their boundaries. As they navigate the rocky waters of adulthood, we get to watch them learn and grow. For those who enjoy taking a peek inside the lives of strangers, Singapore Social is an engaging show that will draw you into its world. 

    • Premiered: 2019
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    Back With The Ex

    Back With The Ex
    Photo: Back with the Ex / Seven Network

    Back with the Ex is an Australian dating reality show that focuses on second chances. Every couple on featured in the series has at one point broken up, but they've decided to give it another go, this time on nation-wide television. As these four couples attempt to rekindle their romances, they learn that relationships can be really, really hard. Especially when you already know someone's flaws. 

    Love might not always lead to a happy ending, but Back with the Ex shows us that you can always try again. 

    • Premiered: 2018