Sink Your Teeth Into The Best 'Day Shift' Quotes

The best quotes from Day Shift prove why it's such a great vampire action movie. Jamie Foxx offers a funny performance as Bud Jablonski along with Snoop Dogg who plays friend and accomplished vampire hunter. There are plenty of great one-liners, memorable quotes, and funny lines. There are even classic lines from The Lost Boys in Day Shift, with a twist, like, “That's what I love about LA, all the vampires.” But which one's the best? You can help decide with your votes.

Vote up all your favorite quotes from Day Shift and if you live in LA, keep your eyes peeled for anymore vampires Bud and Big J might have missed. You might also want to check out the funniest Me Time quotes.

  • Cashing Checks
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    Cashing Checks

    Big J: Cutting necks and cashing checks.

  • Not Okay
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    Not Okay

    Seth: No I’m not okay. Vampires just tried to kill me. You put a gun in my face and now I just pissed my favorite f*cking suit.

  • Agenda
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    Seth: So what’s on the agenda today?

    Bud: Same thing everyday. Hunting vampires.

  • Amongst Us
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    Amongst Us

    Jocelyn: Page said there is a p*rn star living in your building. How does she even know what a p*rn star is?

    Bud: It’s the Valley Joss. They live amongst us.