The Best Day Trips from Dublin

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List of the best day trips from Dublin. Although Dublin is an amazing vacation destination in and of itself, the area around Dublin offers tourist attractions most sightseers don’t want to miss. This list has them all, the greatest Dublin day trips anyone could ask for.

Perhaps one of the most famous Dublin day trips is the trip to Blarney Castle, home of the famous Blarney Stone. Claimed to give those who kiss it the gift of eloquence, the Blarney Stone is over 200 years old -- and you can see it within a one-day side trip from Dublin. Although there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that kissing the Blarney Stone will give you the powers of grandiloquence, wouldn’t it still be nice to see one of the most famous attractions in the world?

Dublin visitors who’d like a more urban day trip might consider Belfast. As the largest city in Northern Ireland, Belfast offers Dublin day trip tourists a range of exciting activities, from a visit to St. George's Market to a round of golf at one of Belfast’s many golf courses. Despite being 90 miles away from Dublin, Belfast isn’t too difficult to reach thanks to the Belfast–Dublin railway line.

On this list you’ll find the greatest day trips from Dublin -- no matter your travel tastes. Whether you’d like to experience Ireland’s history or simply get a feel for the U.K., this list of great Dublin day trips will show you how.
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