The Best Day Trips from San Francisco

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List of the best day trips from San Francisco. Whether you’d like to explore nearby cities, get a taste of wine country or dip your toes in the ocean, day trips from San Francisco offer all this and more. In fact, you’ll probably need several days to scratch the surface of the fascinating attractions the San Francisco area provides.

One San Francisco day trip, in particular, is enough of a reason alone for wine aficionados to visit this great city. A mere 60 miles outside of San Francisco is Napa Valley, one of the most famous American Viticultural Areas, federally recognized growing regions for the grapes wine is produced from. At Napa Valley, day trip travelers can explore a range of wineries -- there are several hundred in the region.

Not a wine lover? There are still plenty of San Francisco day trips to take. Another popular destination, especially for families, is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This large aquarium offers more than just fish -- you’ll find sea otters to penguins to pelicans. Children can also explore sea life up-close-and-personal by participating in a diving experience in the Great Tide Pool.

This list shows the best of the area around San Francisco, day trips tourists can’t wait to take. Tourists who are considering these top San Francisco side trips should prepare to be inspired by tastes, smells and sights unlike any others.
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