The Best Daytime Talk Shows

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When you have the day off work or school, there is nothing better than walking around the house in your pajamas while watching some good, old-fashioned daytime TV. No matter which channel you turn to, it seems like most of them have some kind of talk show airing. You can get the latest celebrity gossip or learn about current events around the globe. The choice is yours, and you certainly have no shortage of daytime talk shows to watch on television. 

Perhaps you're a fan of The View. The roundtable switches up from season to season, but you can be certain you will always find some opinionated ladies offering their insight into the news. One of the most popular daytime talk TV shows currently on the air is Dr. Phil. He is a legend in the industry, and he always has interesting people on his show to discuss everything from relationships to medicine. 

What do you think the best TV daytime talk show is? If you need help ranking this list, then just think about what you like to watch when you are stuck at home with the flu. You can make sure the best show ends up at the top of this list.

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