The Best Daytime TV Shows

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From daytime talk shows to morning game shows, daytime TV shows are there for us when we're at home sick, or just working from home. These are the absolute best daytime television shows, ranked from the most popular to the least based on the number of votes cast for each show by the Ranker community. This list has the most popular daytime TV shows, hosted by some of the best daytime TV personalities. What are the absolute best daytime television shows?

 Daytime television includes any TV shows produced for and aired between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays. This programming is usually directed towards stay-at-home parents and older, retired people, who are more often home during the day. 

Daytime TV often includes game shows, soap operas, and talk shows. Many daytime TV shows have been on the air for a long time, offering a sense of comfort and familiarity, with faces, stories, and games that audiences have enjoyed for decades.
This list features the top daytime television shows, ranked by your votes, including broadcasts from popular channels like The CW, ABC, NBC and more! Included below are shows like The View, Live with Kelly and Michael, Days of our Lives, The Price is Right, and Rachael Ray. Vote up the best daytime television shows and see where your favorites rank.

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