The Best Archenemies in DC Comics

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Archenemy, arch-rival, arch-nemesis whatever you want to call it, it's personal. The yin to the yang, the polar opposite, that villain that stands for all that you stand against.

Polarity in comics is important, without clear and dangerous evil there can be no altruistic and noble good. We need the dark to appreciate the light.

Oftentimes a hero's arch-nemesis reflects their own beliefs and/or their own psyche. The Joker is an agent of chaos where Batman strives for order. Superman is an alien force striving for altruistic good whereas Lex Luthor is a man of this world, striving for his own good. 

Keep in mind, these are comic history's major rivalries and there can be only one per super hero (sorry, that means no Riddler or Brainiac).These baddies may overlap other DC properties, but there really is only one main rivalry they are known for. They represent the epic confrontations, the big bads, the best arch-enemies in DC Comics. 
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