The Best DC Comic Book TV Shows of All Time

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The best DC TV shows range from the latest Bat-family show to series you had no idea were based on DC comic books. The official DC Extended Universe is expansive, reaching well beyond just Batman and Superman shows and carrying on a long tradition of making TV shows from DC comic books (since 1952's Adventures of Superman!). DC Comics TV shows have run the range of genre and style over the years, from live-action to animated. Some of them are even the best comic book and superhero shows of all time.

Older live-action DC Comics television programs like Wonder Woman paved the way for modern superhero shows, from Arrowverse series like Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow to non-superhero shows like Lucifer. And we can't forget all of the cartoon comic book adaptations, such as Teen Titans Go! and Static Shock. Sure, some DC comics TV shows only lasted one season (we see you, Birds of Prey and Swamp Thing), but thanks to events like Crisis On Infinite Earths, they're all officially included in the DCEU.

Out of all the DC shows (including superhero TV shows adapted from imprints of DC, like Vertigo), which are the best of all of the DC comic book adaptations? Vote up the best DC comics TV shows and see where your favorites rank.

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