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The Best DC Comics Tattoos

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DC Comics only. Vote based on the awesomeness of the tattoo itself.

Is your love for DC as permanent as deep tissue epidermis inking? Do you want everyone you meet to know in an instant your undying devotion to Batman and Superman, or even Gotham's craziest criminals? Check out these 50 awesome tributes to Detective Comics via full chest pieces, tattoo sleeves, or even just a portrait of The Bats on a forearm. Like what you see? Be sure to vote on your favorite tattoo design and see which is the most popular!

Who makes the coolest DC Comics tattoos? Would it be cooler to get a tattoo of a Batman or a Superman symbol? Why settle for just one? This list represents the best comic tattoos of DC favorites throughout the ages, from Golden Age Wonder Woman to modern day Nightwing. Where is the most painful place to get a Superman "S" tattooed on you? What is your favorite DC character tattoo? Let us know by ranking your favorite or adding your own and see what the Internet has to say about your favorites.