The Best DC Costume Adaptations Ever

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Comic books thrive on bright colors, exciting action, and awesome costumes. You can tell a lot about a hero or a villain by their super garb. It's especially hard to translate that 2D skill to 3D, and even harder when it has to be moving at 24 frames per second.

We all know the design and illustrations that go into making up our favorite comic heroes is truly an art form. Likewise, the costume designers who construct tangible, wearable, designs from their own imaginations is also an art. 

These people have to somehow make men in tights believable. We have to believe a big blue glowing naked guy might just hang out with a dude that has an ink blot test on his face. We have to believe in a Batman. A Bat. Man. 

These are those impressive feats in costume design, those artists who create magic with their hands and sewing machines, these are the best adaptations of DC Comics costumes.

  • Iconic, badass, intense, foreboding, and practical. V's suit and mask in V for Vendetta nailed the book and the attitude of the character.
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    Rorschach ('Watchmen')

    Rorschach ('Watchmen')
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    A tricky look to get right, Watchmen nailed all of their costumes, but Rorschach's was especially well done. The trench coat and slacks somehow didn't look cliché, and that mask was so real, it was like you could find one for yourself.
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    Dr. Manhattan ('Watchmen')

    Dr. Manhattan ('Watchmen')
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    This is a (usually) naked, blue, glowing, perfect physique'd, god-like entity, and we believed every moment he was on screen.
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    The Joker ('The Dark Knight')

    The Joker ('The Dark Knight')
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    This costume is extremely different from the comics. He is, however, a perfect embodiment of the energy and personality of the character. They made a punk rock, clockwork Joker instead of interpreting the comics to a T. This costume is believable and speaks VOLUMES for exactly who the Joker is. 

    The costume was so iconic that The Joker looked a lot more like this in the comics for a while after the film dropped.
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  • The Comedian ('Watchmen')
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    This costume... all of that detail, the layers, the improbability of it, that mask. But they made it work, and it looks great.
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  • A moveable neck! Appropriate length ears, a tactical feel, and no bat-nipples! A stealthy believable bat-suit.
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