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The Best DC Video Games Ever Made

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Fire up the Batsignal because these are the best DC games of all time. The DC Comics Universe has spawned some of the best superhero games on the market today, but what are the greatest DC video games ever made? This DC games list ranks all the games about DC Comics characters from best to worst based on the votes of comic fans and gamers just like you. So put on your capeand vote up your favorite DC Comics games!

The Batman: Arkham series has been hailed as the finest in the history of all Batman video games, but which entry in the franchise do you think is the best? Is it the original Arkham Asylum or the massive open world Arkham Knight? Superman 64 probably didn't float your boat, but have any other Superman games tickled your fancy? When you're thinking games about DC, you've got a wealth of options. Even Injustice: Gods Among Us might have a place in the pantheon, with its fighter-brawler sensibilities providing hours of entertainment. 

So take a look at the best DC video games, vote up your personal favorites, and downvote the games that don't live up to the DC brand. If you're a DC die-hard who has played them all, rerank the whole list!