The Best Products To De-Stress This Holiday Season

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There will always be a few unavoidable annoyances during the holiday season. Count on overplayed Christmas music that may or may not ruin your mood. Count on an over indulgence of yummy holiday foods (that will always result in an unfortunate weight gain). Also count on an abundant amount of stress amassed by everyone that participates in the obsessive and impulsive consumer culture that rocks the world during the latter part of the year. Most people acknowledge that stress, feel the fear, but pop right into their local mall to shop anyway. 

It's an unavoidable fact that in addition to shelling out all of your hard-earned coins on every new holiday makeup collection, your feet will ache from standing in lines and your head will be pounding from the bright florescent store lights. There are ways to alleviate some of those problems, though, and they don't include shunning your family and totally avoiding all jolly festivities.

Below is a list of the best products to help you de-stress this holiday season. Most of them won't break the bank but all of them have great ingredients and promise even greater results. Save all of the aromatic goodies for yourself or use them as cute stocking stuffers!

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