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Here's your chance to vote for the best Deadwood: The Movie quotes from the new HBO movie. There are many to choose from, due to the sharp writing and memorable characters like Seth Bullock, Al Swearengen, and Calamity Jane. Writer David Milch provides all of the powerful - and often profane - dialogue fans have come to expect.

The Deadwood TV show had a short life, running just 36 episodes over the course of three seasons. Nevertheless, it amassed a devoted audience during that time. Additionally, television critics hailed it as one of the best modern programs. It was also a frequent Emmy nominee/winner. When HBO announced that it was not going to continue with the fourth season, outrage ensued online. Now, thirteen years later, the cable network has produced a two-hour movie designed to tie up some loose ends and resolve some of the plot threads. 

Daniel Minahan, who helmed four episodes of the series, returns to direct the movie, which was written by Milch. Reviews have been glowing. Deadwood: The Movie has a Rotten Tomatoes score in the high 90s. The overall consensus is that the film recaptures the magic that made the show popular.

Vote up your favorite Deadwood movie quotes, whether funny or dramatic lines, from the list below. 

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Our Father

Trixie: Our Father, which art in Heaven...

Al Swearengen: Let him f*cking stay there.

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Going Straight at a Thing is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best 'Deadwood: The Movie' Quotes
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Going Straight at a Thing

Al Swearengen: Do you ever think, Bullock, of not going straight at a thing?

Seth Bullock: No.

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Loving Regret

Calamity Jane: Before eyes close for good and all I'd once again see my Joanie Stubbs and show here a sign of... loving regret from Calamity Jane to her darling... and too at the grave of Wild Bill.

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Follow the Law

Al Swearengen: Look, if it ain't for Hearst to follow the law, why the f*ck should it be for you? 

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