The Best Deathstroke Storylines To Get To Know Slade Wilson

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When it comes to killer assassins in the DC Universe, you can't get much better than Deathstroke The Terminator himself. For many, he is the antithesis of Batman—a man with no superpowers who has honed his abilities to take out enemies of all kinds. The only problem is where Batman refuses to take a life, Deathstroke has no such inhibitions. He's been around for decades and is one of the most interesting characters in DC's publishing library, but for those who aren't intimately familiar with his comics, he's not well understood.

Thanks to some great performances by Manu Bennett in Arrow, and his appearances in the DC Animated Universe, there are tons of fans who have been introduced to the character and are looking for more story arcs consisting of Deathstroke's greatest adventures. For those fans, there are hundreds, if not thousands of comic book issues to choose from that feature Deathstroke. So if you are a new fan of Deathstroke these are great stories to get started on, or if you have always been a Deathstroke fan, use this list to find great story arcs you may have missed.  This list compiles the very best Deathstroke The Terminator storylines featured in comic books, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, stories, and one-shots DC has ever published. Go ahead and read through these to get a good understanding of who this character is, and if you find your favorite story, don't forget to vote it up and see which one rises to the top!

  • Titans: Villains For Hire
    Photo: DC Comics

    Story Found In: Brightest Day #0, Titans #24-27 and the Titans: Villains For Hire Special #1

    Deathstroke has always been willing to go the extra mile to get what he wants. In Titans: Villains for Hire, a story that spun out of the "Brightest Day" event, Wilson recruited several prominent criminals to achieve his goals by promising them their greatest desires.

    For Cheshire, he promised to kill the man who was out to get her, for Cinder, it was to kill several corrupt politicians, and for Osiris, it was to help bring his sister back to life. While these were all noble goals, they were not his true intent.

    He manipulated the team to go out on missions and recover items, which he needed to build something called the Methuselah Machine. The device was meant to reincarnate his son, Joseph, otherwise known as Jericho of the Teen Titans. The story truly shows how far Wilson is willing to go to get what he wants.

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    • City of Assassins
      Photo: DC Comics

      Story Found In: Deathstroke The Terminator #6-9

      "City of Assassins" features the debut battle between the rigid assassin and the Dark Knight himself. In this four-part series that ran through the issues of Deathstroke The Terminator, the assassin goes up against the defender of Gotham city only to find he isn't able to take him down as easily as he thought.

      Batman is clearly a worthy adversary who puts Slade Wilson through his paces in this amazing story featuring hitmen, surprising alliances, and assassination. Both characters are perfectly depicted by Steve Erwin in this classic story featuring Deathstroke and everybody's favorite bat-like vigilante.

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      • Deathstroke vs. Batman
        Photo: DC Comics

        Story Found In: Deathstroke the Terminator #7

        Batman and Deathstroke are two sides of the same coin. Both men are equal in fighting ability and resolve, but where they differ is their willingness to kill and Deathstroke's penchant for doing whatever he's hired to do no matter the side he finds himself on. These two have found themselves fighting one another many times over the years, and Batman usually wins... but not always.

        In this battle, the two go up against one another, and Deathstroke finds that Batman is little more than an ordinary man. Wilson had been enhanced to kill his enemies while Batman had merely trained to fight until he won, which means these two champions are set to fight until the very end in this massive conflict that begins their feud with one another.

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        • Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
          Photo: DC Comics

          Story Found In: The New Teen Titans #39 and #40, Tales Of The Teen Titans #41-44 and The New Teen Titans Annual #3

          Deathstroke's skills in combat and manipulation are well-known, but how far does he go to achieve his goals? In "The Judas Contract," one of Deathstroke's and the New Teen Titans greatest stories, his machinations are put on full display as events from his past, going as far back as his first appearance in comics, come into focus.

          The revelation in this story details how Terra's membership on the team was nothing more than a plot hatched by Deathstroke all the way back in the beginning so that he could gain intelligence on the team! This harrowing tale depicts not only reveals the complex details of Deathstroke's origin story but the impact of Terra's treason on the team, which has repercussions from that point forward.

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