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The Best Deathstroke Storylines To Get To Know Slade Wilson

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When it comes to killer assassins in the DC Universe, you can't get much better than Deathstroke The Terminator himself. For many, he is the antithesis of Batman—a man with no superpowers who has honed his abilities to take out enemies of all kinds. The only problem is where Batman refuses to take a life, Deathstroke has no such inhibitions. He's been around for decades and is one of the most interesting characters in DC's publishing library, but for those who aren't intimately familiar with his comics, he's not well understood.

Thanks to some great performances by Manu Bennett in Arrow, and his appearances in the DC Animated Universe, there are tons of fans who have been introduced to the character and are looking for more story arcs consisting of Deathstroke's greatest adventures. For those fans, there are hundreds, if not thousands of comic book issues to choose from that feature Deathstroke. So if you are a new fan of Deathstroke these are great stories to get started on, or if you have always been a Deathstroke fan, use this list to find great story arcs you may have missed.  This list compiles the very best Deathstroke The Terminator storylines featured in comic books, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, stories, and one-shots DC has ever published. Go ahead and read through these to get a good understanding of who this character is, and if you find your favorite story, don't forget to vote it up and see which one rises to the top!

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