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Hair conditioners that offer extra moisture for dry and damaged hair

What is the best deep conditioner? One that replenishes much-needed moisture to the hair, leaving it soft, silky and gorgeous, of course. The top deep conditioning treatments are designed to offer extra help to hair that might be super dry and brittle, for whatever reason. We're hard on our hair, and a deep conditioner helps to offset all the bad things we do to it every single day. This list includes some of the best deep conditioners available, so vote for your favorites, vote down any that didn't work for you and certainly, add any that might be missing.

When choosing a good deep conditioner, consider your specific needs first. If your hair is damaged from over-styling (heat, in any form is bad bad bad for tresses), try to go for a deep conditioner designed for extra moisture. Often, deep conditioners include terms like "recovery" and "reconstructor" in their product names. That's with good reason: The whole point of a great deep conditioner is to help reconstruct damaged hair and help it recover from all the horrors of everyday styling.

How often should you deep condition? That depends on your hair type and the product you're using. Some products are designed to be used once a week; others can be used several times per week. Weekly deep conditioning treatments can be incredibly awesome to help combat hair dryness, breakage and/or split ends. A good treatment can also help battle frizzy hair and keep color from fading too quickly.

One key thing to keep in mind: Pairing a great weekly deep conditioner with a daily one is very important. You should try to develop a whole system for hair care. If your hair tends to be try, for instance, be sure to choose a great moisturizing shampoo and then use the best moisturizing conditioner each day. There are also a slew of great shampoos for damaged hair that might help as well.

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