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The 15 Best Defensive Quirks In My Hero Academia, Ranked

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Offensive quirks might be flashier, but you shouldn't overlook the power of defensive quirks. These abilities protect the user from harm using barriers, body hardening, absorption, and more. They keep the user alive and unharmed, and sometimes they even do double duty and deal damage, too.  

One of the best defensive quirks My Hero Academia is Kirishima's Hardening. It lets him harden his skin, making him impervious to many attacks and allowing him to use his body parts as bludgeoning objects or blades. There's also Fatgum's Fat Absorption, which lets him absorb his opponent's attacks and redirect them, or simply absorb his opponents' bodies, keeping them trapped in his fat. Also, Mirio's permeation quirk is suprisingly useful for defense. 

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    Using Permeation, Mirio can phase through any kind of physical matter. While its most obvious function is moving through walls, it also has major defensive capabilities. If someone tries to hit him, he can phase right through without taking damage. That's why he's able to take on all of Class 1-A without any of them being able to touch him. 

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    As the name implies, Hardening lets Eijiro Kirishima harden any part of his body. Using this, he can avoid taking too much damage during battle. There's no upper limit to how hard he can get - with training, he should be able to exceed even the hardest known substances on earth. 

    He can also use his quirk offensively - a strategically hardened hand can turn into a knife real quick. 

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    Hekiji Tengai serves the Shie Hassaikai by using his defensive quirk, Barrier. Through telekinesis, he can generate a powerful barrier that protects both him and his allies from harm. According to Fatgum, punching the barrier feels a lot like punching steel. 

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    Fat Absorption

    Anyone or anything that makes contact with Fatgum's body risks being "absorbed" into his fat. Not only is he able to restrain targets and withstand physical attacks from bullets, knives, and supercharged punches, he can also redirect attacks right back at his opponents. This means that Fat Absorption doubles as a defensive and an offensive move. 

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