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The Best DeKuyper Schnapps Flavors

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List RulesAll DeKuyper Pucker and Schnapps varieties, ranked by flavor

This is a list of all DeKuyper Schnapps flavors, ranked best to worst. DuKuyper is known for their wide variety of delicious schnapps flavors, but which one is the best? If you are a fan of something sweet, perhaps you enjoy Watermelon Pucker, while fans of sour flavors may prefer Sour Apple Pucker. Vote on this list of the Best DuKuyper Schnapps Flavors and we will determine which flavor is the finest.

Founded in 1695, DuKuyper has been delighting fans of cordials for over three centuries. Cordials are drinks that combine distilled spirits with fruit juices and other natural ingredients. They are extremely popular and are used as a drink base in a wide variety of cocktails around the world. Dukuyper only uses all natural flavors in their wide variety of beverages, obtaining vibrant colors with vegetable ingredients or other natural food coloring. For those of you non-DeKuyper fans, feel free to check out the best Hiram Walker schnapps flavors.

DuKuyper Schnapps flavors are delicious on their own, but they also make really great mixers. Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitans, and even margaritas are enhanced by the depth of flavor that DuKuyper Schnapps provide. More daring drinkers may enjoy Cactus Juice or the hot and spicy Hot Damn! Cinnamon flavored spirits.

So which DuKuyper Schnapps flavor will reign supreme? Vote away to make sure that your favorite flavor takes the top spot. After you are finished, head on over and vote on the best bar apps for your smartphone. Cheers!