The 15 Greatest 'Demon Slayer' Ships, Ranked

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If you're like a lot of fans, you might be watching Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba with shipping goggles on. Whether they're canon or fan-created, the best Demon Slayer ships are the ones that get fans excited about romantic possibilities. 

For this list, we'll be ranking some of the most popular Demon Slayer ships. Since we based our choices on what's popular on Archive of Our Own and other fandom hubs, it's likely that we missed some awesome obscure ships. But this list of Demon Slayer ships covers plenty of heavy hitters, such as Zenitsu x Nezuko, Sabito x Giyu, Mitsuru x Obanai, and more. Keep in mind that we will be talking about things that happen in the manga, including canonical relationships. Don't worry though, we'll include a warning ahead of any spoilers. 

Which pairings do you ship? If you want to know how any of these character pair up physically, check out Demon Slayer heights!

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    Obanai x Mitsuri

    Obanai x Mitsuri
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    This one is almost entirely manga spoilers, so proceed with caution.

    Both Obanai and Mitsuri are Hashira, which means they have to work closely with one another on a regular basis. But they're more than just colleagues. Obanai spends most of the series deeply in love with Mitsuri. He pays close attention to her, discerning small changes in her mood from how much she eats or minute facial expressions. He credits her for helping him feel like a normal person, which is something he doesn't usually feel. 

    Mitsuri is the Love Hashira, but she doesn't pick up on Obanai's feelings. Sadly, those feelings only come out after Mitsuri is slain by Muzan. As she's about to perish, the two finally express their emotions verbally. When they're reincarnated, they're finally able to be together. 

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    Uzui x His Wives

    Uzui x His Wives
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    If you prefer to stick to canon, you might like this ship. Uzui is married to three women: Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru. This might sound a bit sketchy, but it's expected in the shinobi community they hail from. The four of them seem to enjoy a loving, mutually respectful relationship. They work together to deal with demons using the skills they have acquired as ninja, but they also have conversations about their emotions, hopes, and dreams for the future. Uzui has made it clear that he wants his wives to prioritize their own lives and happiness over their relationship with him or their missions. 

    So far, the anime hasn't explored the differences in his relationships with each of them, but fans can fill in the blanks however they want. 

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    Kagaya x Amane

    Kagaya x Amane
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    Because it's based in canon, everything about this ship is manga spoiler territory. 

    When Kagaya Ubuyashiki was 13, 12-year-old Amane Himorogi was selected to become a priestess who would also be Kagaya's wife. One of Amane's duties would be helping with Kagaya's significant medical needs. Kagaya only agreed to this if Amane did so of her own volition.

    The two eventually developed a loving, supportive marriage through which they had multiple children. While Kagaya's duties as the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps and his poor health are often obstacles for a happy life, their love for one another carries them through those hardships. 

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    Tanjiro x Kanao

    Tanjiro x Kanao
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    Tanjiro and Kanao's first meeting doesn't exactly seem promising - Kanao knocks Tanjiro out in order to go after Nezuko. But things change dramatically once they're on the same side and Tanjiro spends some time at the Butterfly Mansion. Tanjiro helps Kanao figure out ways to communicate and make decisions that seemed impossible for her before. He shows her kindness and understanding in a way she's never experienced before. 

    Manga spoiler time: The two of them do eventually get married and have children. So if you noticed potential romantic vibes between the two of them in the anime, you're perceptive indeed! 

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    Zenitsu x Nezuko

    Zenitsu x Nezuko
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    From the moment he first met Nezuko, Zenitsu has made his attraction to her obvious. Seriously, you could probably hear him screaming about it from a mile away. While Nezuko has yet to reciprocate his affection in the anime, it's not hard to imagine that she'd eventually warm up to him. After all, he's loyal, funny, and an important part of their team.

    Spoiler Alert: This one is actually canon in the manga. At the end of the series, they get married and have children. So if you're a Zenitsu x Nezuko shipper, congratulations, your ship will sail! 

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    Inosuke x Aoi

    Inosuke x Aoi
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    Let's take a look at the basis for their relationship. Inosuke is rough and crude with everyone, and while this surprises Aoi at first, she's soon able to handle it. She's got a tough personality and can handle even the most absurd behavior with ease. She's a bit of a maternal figure for Inosuke at first, which is new to him since he hasn't really experienced that sort of care for his well-being in a while. Obviously, their relationship extends beyond that description, but it's a start. 

    Spoiler alert: This one is actually canon. At the end of the series, Inosuke and Aoi are shown as a married couple with kids and even grandkids.

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