The Best Demonic Possession Movies

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Movies with a character who is possessed by a demon.

There’s nothing more horrifying than watching a movie about a person who’s possessed by a demon. What is it about the thought of demons, supernatural visitations, darkness, and evil that fascinates to human beings so much? We must love it, as there are tons of wildly successful films where characters are possessed by scary demons and have to go through an exorcism.

Who doesn’t remember scenes from movies like these that forever haunt us every time we walk into a dark alley, a creepy haunted house, or think of a girl/boy possessed by a demon? Supernatural movies are usually even scarier than normal horror flicks because they reach an even deeper part of the soul. This list features some of the scariest films in the horror industry! Watch these at your own risk!

Get in touch with your inner demon and vote up your favorite demonic possession films.

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