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A list of the best Denver Nuggets of all time. Originally an ABA franchise, the Nuggets have had varying degrees of success since it joined the NBA. Many of the best offensive players in NBA history have been Nuggets. One of the most successful periods for the Nuggets was the 1980s. Players like Alex English and Fat Lever led a high-flying offense that averaged well over 100 points. These were some of the most entertaining and best players in the NBA. The team experienced a degree of playoff success, but it never went to the Finals. 

The 1990s was a decade highs and disappointing lows for the Nuggets. Beginning in 1991 with the drafting of one of the greatest centers of all time in Dikembe Mutombo, the Nuggets slowly climbed towards respectability. After a brief return to the playoffs, the Nuggets returned to the bottom of the league at the end of the 90s. Finally in 2003, the team drafted one of the best players in the league in Carmelo Anthony and have been a playoff mainstay ever since. 

Denver has a stable of excellent players, some who are considered the best at their positions. While they haven't had a true superstar since Anthony was traded, the Nuggets are still one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA.

This is a list of the best Denver Nuggets of all time. If you think someone is missing and should be included, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank this list according to who you think should be considered the greatest Denver Nuggets player of all time. 
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  • Nikola Jokić
    1,666 votes
    Power forward

    A genuine game-changer, Nikola Jokić has dazzled fans with his impeccable court vision and extraordinary passing skills, often drawing comparisons to some of the NBA's all-time greats. Defying the conventional big man mold, Jokić demonstrates a cultivated inside-outside offensive game, fusing finesse post moves with a reliable shooting touch. Though still comparatively early in his career, the Serbian sensation has unquestionably put the NBA on notice, with his basketball intellect and exceptional playmaking ability making him one of Denver's most impactful players in recent memory.

  • Alex English
    1,665 votes
    Small forward

    Regarded as a scoring machine during his illustrious career, Alex English's relentless pursuit of points was matched only by his unwavering consistency, which helped solidify his position among the NBA's elite. Armed with an uncanny ability to slither through defenses and a silky-smooth midrange game, English emerged as the beating heart of the Nuggets' high-octane offense throughout the 1980s. As both the franchise's all-time leading scorer and a shining symbol of its on-court success, he is fondly remembered as a true Denver legend.

  • Dikembe Mutombo
    1,352 votes

    With a defensive prowess that was nothing short of awe-inspiring, Dikembe Mutombo seemed to have an innate ability to alter the course of a game simply by stepping onto the hardwood. Towering above opponents with his imposing physical presence and a relentless dedication to protecting the rim, Mutombo became the stuff of nightmares for any opposing player who dared enter his paint. As a symbol of sheer determination and grit, the Congolese center's time with the Nuggets not only left an indelible mark on the franchise but also redefined the role of the modern-day shot blocker.

  • Carmelo Anthony
    1,863 votes
    Small forward

    Often referred to as a 'walking bucket,' Carmelo Anthony's innate scoring ability and seemingly limitless offensive arsenal instantly propelled him into the upper echelon of the NBA's hierarchy. With a knack for creating his shot in even the most improbable circumstances, Melo's scoring exploits became the stuff of legend, consistently proving too hot to handle for many a weary defender. As the face of the Nuggets' franchise for much of the 2000s, Anthony's undeniable talent and penchant for making the big play left an indelible imprint on Denver's basketball legacy.

  • David Thompson
    1,262 votes
    Small forward, Shooting guard, Forward

    A prodigious talent who soared to great heights both figuratively and literally, David Thompson's gravity-defying play earned him the nickname 'The Skywalker.' Combining breath-taking athleticism with a silky shooting touch, Thompson was a true offensive force, capable of demoralizing defenses at will. Though his time with the Nuggets was somewhat marred by off-court issues, there is no disputing that Thompson's dazzling skills and high-flying heroics left an enduring impact on the franchise.

  • Jamal Murray
    530 votes
    Point guard

    Blessed with a potent blend of pace, agility, and shooting touch, Jamal Murray has quickly established himself as one of the NBA's most exciting young talents. On any given night, the fearless Canadian guard is liable to erupt for a scoring outburst that leaves opposing defenses reeling, providing a tantalizing glimpse of his immense potential. As one of the key cogs in the current Nuggets' machine, Murray's infectious energy and boundless determination are helping to propel Denver towards a new era of success.