The Most Delicious Dessert Competitions On TV

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Vote up the best shows about making the best desserts, whether the methods are candy, chocolate, or classic baking.

Of course, a lot of the best dessert competition shows are going to be about baking - but not all of them. Sure, for every new cupcake, cake-cake, or otherwise decorated baked good there is a great baking competition. But the world of desserts spans far more than the oven can contain. This list of dessert competitions is ranked from the best to the worst, based on votes from the Ranker community. Thanks to you, we can find the most delicious and delightful dessert competitions.

If you're a chocolate lover then shows like Chocolate Meltdown: Hershey's After Dark and The Chocolate Guy's School Of Chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth. For scrumptious sculptures look no further than Zumbo's Just Desserts, or seasonal series such as Christmas Cookie Mashup and Spring Baking Championship. And, of course, the most classic of all desserts is a good bake, and great shows like

What are television's best dessert competition shows? Vote up the shows about dessert competition you think are the best and see where your favorite shows rank.

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