The Most Delicious Kinds Of Dessert

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Most of us have at least some semblance of a sweet tooth, and various types of desserts cater to different tastes. The best delectable treat meant to be savored after a (hopefully healthy) dinner is always up for debate. Whether you enjoy treats that are sugary, chocolatey, or fruit flavored, everyone has an opinion on the best kind of dessert. From classics, like chocolate cake and candy to fancier dishes like tiramisu, the most popular desserts around the world all come together in this delicious list for you to peruse. 

What is the best dessert to eat? It's really a matter of opinion. Ice cream is a summer favorite that offers countless flavor options to satisfy any sweet tooth. If you prefer something warmer, why not have a slice of heated apple pie or a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven? Love pastries? Egg whites provide a fluffy base for the delicate dessert known as macaroons, and deep-fried treats like donuts can be satisfyingly indulgent as well. Whether store-bought or homemade, read onward if you're ready to salivate. 

How will we ever determine which dessert is the best? Help us decide by giving your favorite kinds of desserts a thumbs up below. If your sweet tooth still isn't satiated, check out the list of the Best Non-Chocolate Candies.

Most divisive: Jell-O
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