The Best Detective Anime of All Time

Ready to cast your votes anime fans? We need your input on this list of the best detective anime of all time. This poll features only the top detective anime, along with a few series that may blur genres since they're about police and homicide investigations. Which do you prefer, dark detective anime series like Black Jack, or more light-hearted loli shows like Gosick? Either way we want to hear from you, so please vote for your favorites and help this become the definitive best detective anime list. The investigators in these shows solve all kinds of mysteries, from bloody murders to petty thefts. You can watch a few of these detective anime on Netflix, including the very popular Death Note. 

Did you know that since its start in 1994, Cased Closed is STILL on the air? Detective Conan continues to solve mysteries after all these years, proving that detective anime is both popular and commercially successful. That show may not be a fan favorite among today's audience, but you've got to respect its longevity.
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