The Best Devastator Toys, Ranked
Photo: Transformers: All Hail Megatron / IDW Publishing

The Best Devastator Toys, Ranked

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Given that his name implies total destruction, it's no surprise Devastator is an incredibly powerful Transformer. But that's just the thing: Devastator isn't just a single Decepticon, he's actually a combination of different Constructicons, which means he's the combined form of six different robots all merging their powers to create one mega bot. While his looks have changed over the 30-plus years since his initial release, his combining gimmick has remained, more or less, the same.

Even in the live-action movie Revenge of the Fallen, Devastator is seen as an epic robot that towers over friends and foes alike. As you can imagine, that doesn't just make Devastator a formidable foe for the Autobots, it also makes for a really, really cool toy. Essentially all versions of Devastator toys are a result of combining several smaller toys into one. And over the years, all the different versions of Devastator have only gotten more detailed and - by extension - a lot more fun.

But it can be difficult to choose a favorite toy version of Devastator, so we made a list of some of the coolest versions in history. Vote up your favorite versions of Devy so the world can see which version is the best.

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  • Gravity Builder
    Photo: Gravity Builder / TFSource
    287 VOTES

    Creator: Generation Toys

    Release date: 2015

    Line: Third Party

    One of the first non-official Devastator toys, Gravity Builder stands roughly 15 inches tall and features six individually articulated robots.

    287 votes
  • Titan Class Devastator
    Photo: Titan Class Devastator / TFWiki

    Creator: Takara/Hasbro

    Release date: 2015

    Line: Combiner Wars

    A hark back to the original 1980s animation model, Combiner Wars Devastator retains all of the original characters' likeness and even include the same alt modes. This one towers over the other Combiner Wars combiners. 

    212 votes
  • Toyworld Constructor
    Photo: Toyworld Constructor / TFSource

    Created by: Toyworld

    Release date: 2015

    Line: Third party

    Modeled after the original G1 design, this hulking Devastator features six individually articulated robots and measures roughly 20 inches tall.

    199 votes
  • TFC Toys Hercules
    Photo: TFC Toys Hercules / TFSource

    Creator: TFC Toys

    Release date: 2011

    Line: Third Party

    One of the first non-official Devastator toys, Hercules was modeled off the original Generation One design and literally dwarfed the competition when it was released.

    170 votes
  • G1 Devastator
    Photo: G1 Devastator / TFWiki
    188 VOTES

    Creator: Takara/Hasbro

    Release date: 1984

    Line: Transformers Generation One

    Unlike other TF combiners, which comprised of five different figures, Devastator was composed of six original robots. Due to the toy's unique combiner design, articulation was limited.

    188 votes
  • DX9 Hulkie
    Photo: Hulkie / TFSource
    160 VOTES

    Creator: DX9

    Release date: 2015

    Line: War in Pocket (Third Party)

    This mini Devy was released by DX9 and features six individually articulated robots that offer a surprising range of motion considering their extra small size.


    160 votes