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There are so many different ideas for Dewpider nicknames, but which ones are the best? Introduced in the seventh generation, Dewpider is a dual Water/Bug type Pokémon that evolves into Araquanid. Dewpider can only breathe oxygen dissolved in water, so the bubble over its head allows it to breathe on land. Additionally, the bubble provides protection to its soft head and can be slammed into both prey and enemies. If two Dewpider meet, they compare bubbles and the one with the smaller bubble will move out of the way.

What’s your favorite Dewpider nickname? Bubblehead is a pretty literal name for this bug in a bubble. You can also go for a fun reference like Buzz (Aldrin.) If neither of those appeal, there's plenty more options on this list including the Japanese Kumo.

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    (Official Japanese name)

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    (Spider in Japanese)