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The Best Diablo Games

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First released in 1996, the Diablo series has become one of the most popular video game franchises ever made. That’s probably because these games offer rich environments, awesome gameplay mechanics, and, you know, the fact that you get to you hunt down and kill the devil himself! Which installment in the series is your favorite?

Are you more a fan of the original PC title, or do you think gameplay development has progressed far enough to create a much better game with sequels like Diablo II or even Diablo III? Let's not forget the amazing expansion packs, which are essentially new games all by themselves when you consider how many extra quests they offer.

Vote up which Diablo game deserves the top spot as the franchise's best game. And if there is a Diablo game that's not here, add it so that it can take its place among the rest of the franchise to determine which is the best Diablo game of them all!