All the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books, Ranked Best to Worst

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A complex narrator is a rarity for children's literature, but every Diary of a Wimpy Kid book defies convention by telling its story through the eyes of the morally ambiguous Greg Heffley. While he's paranoid, an unreliable narrator, and sometimes a bad friend, young kids who are still testing boundaries and making mistakes can relate. Perhaps this is the reason the series is so popular. Here, you'll find all Diary of a Wimpy Kid books ranked by user votes! 

Which Diary of a Wimpy Kid book should you read first? All the titles have their charm, but which installment is truly the best? The first book introduced us to the popularity obsessed - at times, downright Machiavellian - main character as he squabbles with his best friend during his quest for middle school stardom. The Christmas-themed Cabin Fever received high praise from critics, including a Harvey Award for its humor. For many more great recommendations, browse this list! 

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