The Best Dinosaur Cartoons

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Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they live on in our hearts and dragon cartoons. Since the beginning of animation, the best cartoons have been filled with animals rather than humans. It's no wonder that dinosaurs, those powerful beasts of the past, have become favorites in animated series. Dinosaur cartoons and animated series starring dinosaurs are some of the most prolific animated animal shows. Whether they're funny, educational, wildy fantastical, or based in science (sort of), the animated dinosaur shows of our childhood - and adulthood - will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The series on this list, all of which feature dinosaurs of one breed or another as the star, were with us during our Saturday mornings in front of the TV and our after-school homework procrastination sessions. So let's rank the top dinosaurs cartoons that kept us all company from best to worst.

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