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The Best Horror Movies About Dinosaurs

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List RulesOnly the original Jurassic Park is included, otherwise there would be too many from the franchise

Whether you're looking for movies like Jurassic Park, or simply want to watch some scary dinosaur movies, here's our list of the best dinosaur horror movies. Let's be honest- there aren't a ton of amazing horror movies about dinosaurs. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any, so check out the scary dinosaur movies below if you're looking for recommendations.

We're kind of cheating by including Jurassic Park, but although it isn't a strict horror title, it's still to this day the scariest dinosaur movie that exists. Other decent choices include Carnosaur, Raptor Island, and Extinction: Jurassic Predators, a found footage movie featuring dinosaurs. For an older pick, check out The Valley of Gwangi, a 1969 fantasy adventure movie about cowboys and dinosaurs.

Vote up any of these dinosaur horror movies you've seen and loved, and downvote any that you wouldn't recommend to even your worst enemy.

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