Discontinued Fast Food Sauces That Were Better Than Drugs

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Vote up the discontinued fast food sauces that you searched your Toyota for in the hopes of finding a loose packet.

Rick and Morty brought attention to the world's grievous lack of McDonald's Mulan Szechuan Sauce, sending the Internet up in arms. Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time people felt deprived of discontinued fast food sauces, the chains you know and love so quick to betray you. Who can forget when Taco Bell recklessly got rid of their glorious Lava Sauce, or when Wendy's mistakenly decided they didn't need Ghost Pepper Sauce anymore? These limited edition fast food sauces left everyone's mouths watering and craving more.

That being said, not all old sauces from fast food restaurants can call themselves delicacies. For example, McDonald's once made a spaghetti sauce, perhaps meant to go on top of your fries? Some of these sauces are also still sold in select locations, leaving the rest of us super jealous. The value of a fast food sauce rests in the eye of the beholder, so such answers are yours to discover. Which discontinued sauce do you want to see come back the most? Given how Micky D's began talking about bringing Szechuan sauce back, you can never say never. Maybe, just maybe, the Chicken Select will make a reappearance too.

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  • Baja Sauce - Taco Bell
    2,816 votes

    Baja Sauce - Taco Bell

  • Hot Mustard Sauce - McDonald's
    3,362 votes

    Hot Mustard Sauce - McDonald's

  • Lava Sauce - Taco Bell
    2,822 votes

    Lava Sauce - Taco Bell

  • Mulan Szechuan Sauce - McDonald's
    2,834 votes

    Mulan Szechuan Sauce - McDonald's