The Greatest Disney Cat Characters, Ranked By Fans

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Whether you love them or love to hate them, Disney's given us some of the greatest cat characters of all time. From those adorable kitties in The Aristocats to Figaro from Pinocchio, some of the most memorable cartoon characters in film and TV history have been felines. In fact, people have some strong opinions as to which Disney cat characters are the greatest of them all. And whether you rank them by cuteness, courage, or just by how darn cool they are, everyone has a favorite. This list ranks all the best cats throughout the years, which includes lions and tigers (and Tiggers too). After all, if they're a feline, they're fine.

While Disney's introduced plenty of cartoon cats to the world, there are a handful of live-action characters who also deserve a mention. Sassy from Homeward Bound is a fan-favorite feline who loves taking charge and whipping her canine companies into shape, and then there's old Thackery Binx, the talking cat from Hocus Pocus who was tasked with guarding the Black Flame Candle.

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  • Marie
    34 votes


    The Aristocats
  • Thomas O'Malley
    17 votes

    Thomas O'Malley

    The Aristocats
  • Toulouse
    15 votes
    The Aristocats
  • Figaro
    22 votes
  • Duchess
    28 votes
    The Aristocats
  • Mufasa
    27 votes
    The Lion King